I offer Humanistic Integrative Therapeutic Supervision.

Supervision is an ethical requirement for Counsellors. The Therapeutic Relationship between the Client and the Supervisee is enhanced by the expertise of a skilled clinical Supervisor, who will promote the well-being of a Supervisees case-load, by aiding the growth and knowledge of Supervisee.  This is a shared facilitative relationship based on exploration & development of skills alongside the focused effectiveness of consultancy.  I  provide clinical, facilitative, educational support on a range of Supervision needs, providing you with an individual, tailored programme.

Good quality Supervision adds value to your practice and benefits your client base.

An initial appointment will provide an opportunity for us to meet.  You can discuss your Supervision requirements and I will try to answer your questions and outline my way of working.  Should we mutually agree to work together, we will create a Supervision Contract and a convenient regular time to meet.

Through Integrative Supervision, the aim is to provide you with a supportive, safe, empathic and confidential environment within which to explore your client’s issues, with respect for your right to make your own choices.  You will be heard with acceptance and you will be acknowledged with respect and without judgment, as you explore, at your own pace, how things are for your client/s.

Together we can promote and aid your clients well-being, help hone your skills and aid you to gain new perspectives.